affect と effectの違い

“affect” と “effect” は、英語の単語であり、意味が異なります。

“Affect” は動詞で、何かに影響を与える、変化をもたらす、感情を引き起こすなどの意味を持ちます。例えば、”The weather affects my mood” と言えば、「天気が私の気分に影響を与える」という意味になります。

一方、”Effect” は名詞で、結果、影響、効果などの意味を持ちます。例えば、”The effect of the medicine was immediate” と言えば、「薬の効果は即座に現れた」という意味になります。

言い換えると、”affect” は動詞で、「影響を与える」という意味を持ち、”effect” は名詞で、「影響、結果、効果」という意味を持ちます。


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make と let の違い

英語には、使役動詞と呼ばれる動詞があります。使役動詞は、他の人や物事に何かをさせるために使用されます。代表的な使役動詞には、”make”, “let”, “have”, “get” などがあります。以下にそれぞれの使い方について説明します。

  1. “make” “make”は、誰かに何かを強制的にするときに使用されます。例えば、「私は彼を練習をさせた」は”I made him practice”と言います。

  2. “let” “let”は、許可することを表します。これは、誰かに何かをすることを許可する場合に使用されます。例えば、「私は彼女が車を運転することを許可した」は”I let her drive the car”と言います。

  3. “have” “have”は、誰かに何かをさせるために使用されます。例えば、「私は彼に家の掃除をさせた」は”I had him clean the house”と言います。

  4. “get” “get”は、誰かに何かをしてもらうために使用されます。例えば、「私は彼にワインを取ってもらった」は”I got him to fetch the wine”と言います。


take と bringの違い


“take”は、話者が自分自身または他の人を伴って物を移動する場合に使用されます。例えば、”I will take the book with me to the library”(私は図書館に本を持って行きます)のように、話者が本を持って図書館に行く場合に使われます。

“bring”は、話者が自分自身または他の人を伴わずに物を移動させる場合に使用されます。例えば、”Can you please bring the book to the library?”(図書館に本を持って来てもらえますか?)のように、話者が本が図書館に届くように相手に頼む場合に使われます。


Practice / Pay for performance or process

I tend to evaluate my subordinates by performance.
That’s because the previous company put a lot of emphasis on results.
Pay for performance is very straightforward for employees.
However, the results depend on various things such as the environment and abilities of the employee.
Previously I gave a negative rating to employees who tried but failed.
The person was very unconvinced and then stopped trying.
I am still convinced that my evaluation was a company policy and was not wrong.
But even if productivity improves if you don’t evaluate the challenge, No innovation.
Anyone can challenge without fear I believe that the environment is a rewarding and rewarding workplace.
I would like to focus on the process in the future.

Practice / To be YouTuber

Do you think it’s good to be a YouTuber?
No, I don’t think It’s good idea.
If they can become the famous YouTuber, It may good things.
However, most of YouTubers don’t have enough subscribers to make money.
They have to do whatever they can to get a subscriber, even if it’s bad.
Sometimes there are incidents through YouTube.
They need to know, all people can get money through YouTube, but they have to make enough efforts to get money.

Practice / “two sleeps” is a good idea?

No I don’t think it is good idea.
It’s because,our life is limited in time.
If I sleep two times a day , We need more time to sleep.
I don’t know what to do between 1st sleep and 2nd sleep.
It’s a just couple of hours , It divides the time of our day .
We should assign more continuous range for something to do.
I want to spend our life more efficiency.

Practice / The company I hate

I used to work for several companies.
I will explain the customs of one company that I dislike.
Our bonuses have changed significantly due to the department’s performance evaluation.
The total amount of paid is determined by the performance of the company.
It will be distributed according to the grades of the department.
The rating is clear and is determined by sales and profits.
I don’t know if this evaluation system is the reason, but the other department seems to be enemy.
We will not cooperate even in the same division unless it is in the interest of our department.
We do not cooperate for the benefit of the company.
The same is true for individuals.
Some people trap others to raise their reputation.
Sometimes I don’t know what I’m doing with all my enemies.
I can’t even trust my boss.
There was such a company.

Plactice / Online game

I think that gaming is a good thing.
It’s because players can learn new skills while playing games.
For example, many games involve problem-solving,
co-ordination of controls and teach people to deal with disappointments and to keep trying.
However, my son’s school is having some problems with online games.
Online games allow you to connect with other people.
The bad guys use this connection to make money.
They are selling drugs through the Internet.

Plactice / English learning

When I started the native camp at Aug 2021, I had booked a lot of lessons.
But now I don’t take much lessons.
Because I couldn’t keep my motivation anymore.
But from last week, I resumed english learning.
I have already learning english about for three years.
But I can’t talk for my foreign co-worker enough.
I know that keep learning is best way to improve my english skills.
But I sometimes get tired.