Practicing English / Your Boss: A Potential Friend?

I think the manager shouldn’t be a friends with their subordinate.
Because the manager should be fair to their all subordinate.
At my company, everyone’s performance is evaluated twice a year.
There are significantly differences the amount of bonus depends on their performance.
If the manager will be friends someone , the manager can’t evaluate their performance accurately.

Practicing English / overtime

I think , overtime shouldn’t be permitted in the company. Many Japanese companies seem to think that it is normal to work overtime. In my company tend to judge to bad who don’t do overtime.
I know it is unusual but many people don’t notice that.
I want to change this culture so that everyone makes it happy. So I try to improve our business to be more efficiency.

Practicing English / depression

I have ever met many people who get ill of depression.
They eventually become can’t come to the office.
But in most cases, many other people don’t know such situation untill just before.
A few days ago, Naomi Osaka of tenis player canceled the press conference.
She was blamed from all of the word that she must take her responsibility.
But later she tweet about her illness,The world opinion changed opposite.
I hope the world will be stress free.

Practicing English / Travel agency

HIS announced that the interim settlement of accounts for the previous fiscal year will be a deficit of 23.2 billion yen. They efforted to cut their cost but demand was not recover yet.
I think I need these companies when we go to the travel that we get the more comfortable services.
The government should help their business in order not to shrink this market .

Practicing English / Tokyo Olympics

Tokyo Olympic will be held from 21th July.
Last day, IOC president Bach said preparing is almost completed. But The number of infected people with covid 19 doesn’t decrease enough.
I want to get back to normal life sooner than hosting the Olympics. Of course I know to hold The Olympics is most important things for athletes.
So I think it should be held with minimum risk.
I think the Olympics should be held without spectators.
The IOC has announced that it will be determined by the end of June.

Practicing English / Reasons for not continuing

I can’t continue most things. What I can continue things are learning English and playing smart phone game.What I can’t continue things are exercise and making a blog and reduce my weight and so on.
I considered what these differences are.
I think it is like a investment. Learning English is hard but it give me a big benefit. Playing smart phone game doesn’t need anything effort but I can get a fun promptly.
I think to keep anything ,I have to clarify a benefit and effort.

English practice / Portrait

I ordered my portrait by the website yesterday.
As I didn’t know such a service,I haven’t ordered my portrait before. I chose the painter in the website and order it there. After few hours later , the painter sent me a message to confirm some point. Next day,they send me a sample portrait. As I want them to edit my chin more sharp, I asked them to change. 8 hours later I got my portrait what I want.

English practice / Project Manager

My job is it engineer.So far , I managed many project for our customer. Occasionally the issue happens in the project. If the issue happens once,We have to spend more resource to fix it. So I think the most important thing is to detect the issue before it happens.

English practice / English diary

English diary is good for learning English.
First,I will be routine to output English.
Also I will be able to improve expression of english.
And I will be able to speak more naturally.
Finally,I will be able to have more vocabulary.

English practice / Quit my previous job

I was quit my previous job November of 2019.
At that time, my next job had been decided, but I still had one month of free time left. The work was always hard, so that time was like a dream.
I spent the day which I had nothing to do.
As I didn’t have to do, I made a plan to go abroad.
I decided to go Malaysia because I had been to there before and I know there was good place. After that I started online english lesson every day.