English practice / Mikoshi

I was asked about Mikoshi from foreigners yesterday.
It is like a small hause.
There are handles bottom of Mikoshi.
Some person lift up Mikoshi and run around there.
There are many people to see Mikoshi during the festival.

English practice / Leak water

I called you about a leak water in my house last april.
After that, a your subcontractor came, but he said that he would call me later because he could not contact the manufacturer during Golden Week.
But he doesn’t call me until now.
Please tell me,what should I do.




English practice / Work from home

when I go to the office,I can keep a concentration for a long time.
But when I work from home,I can’t keep a concentration for a long time.
when I work from home,I don’t need commute time so I can take a time more efficiency.



English practice / Good memory

I still remember the first time I got in a senior student’s car when I was in college.
That car had digital front panel.
It’s new for me and felt very fun.
At that time We went to drive anywhere.
Nice Music was played from the car audio and felt become adult myself.



English practice / My Goal

I found that I didn’t fit my job.
So,I decided to quit my job after prepared.
It may take few years, But I think It is important to have a clalify target. If I think about it, this site may be there for that.I have to write there which is my Goal.

State of 2027
・Quit my job
・I have a assets of 50 million yen
・I have a monthly income of 200,000 yen
・I can spend most of my time freely
・I can communicate with anything in English
・Is healthy
・Get along with family


English practice / Bad DAY

It was bad day today.
I was feedbacked about my annual paformance from my boss.
I knew It might be bad.
Because he always pointed out my fault point.
But there are one reason.
There are four person in my section.
He had to give someone a bad score.
He chose me at the first time we met.
I don’t like him.
Because I don’t respect him anything.



English practice / My son

My son was unlucky day May 5th.
FIRST,aso volcano was unstable yesterday,so
he couldn’t go there.
Instead of volcano,we went to the kusasenri.
But we couldn’t see anything due to heavey smog.
Next,We went to lunch.He hit his head there shelve.
Next,We went to kumamotojo.
But We couldn’t go castle’s inside due to corona viros since April 27.
Also He steped on pet’s poo.