Practicing English / overtime

I think , overtime shouldn’t be permitted in the company. Many Japanese companies seem to think that it is normal to work overtime. In my company tend to judge to bad who don’t do overtime.
I know it is unusual but many people don’t notice that.
I want to change this culture so that everyone makes it happy. So I try to improve our business to be more efficiency.

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  1. Practicing English / working overtime

    I don’t think (that) working overtime should be permitted in our company.
    Many Japanese companies appear to think that it is natural to work overtime because we should work to complete it.
    I know this way is out-of-date.
    but most of the workers in the company can’t notice it.
    I want to change this old-fashion so that every worker can get a better and happier life, so I try to improve our business activities to be more efficient.

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