Practice / Pay for performance or process

I tend to evaluate my subordinates by performance.
That’s because the previous company put a lot of emphasis on results.
Pay for performance is very straightforward for employees.
However, the results depend on various things such as the environment and abilities of the employee.
Previously I gave a negative rating to employees who tried but failed.
The person was very unconvinced and then stopped trying.
I am still convinced that my evaluation was a company policy and was not wrong.
But even if productivity improves if you don’t evaluate the challenge, No innovation.
Anyone can challenge without fear I believe that the environment is a rewarding and rewarding workplace.
I would like to focus on the process in the future.

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  1. I tend to evaluate my subordinates based on their performance. This is because my previous company placed a lot of emphasis on achieving results. Pay for performance is a very straightforward system for employees. However, the outcomes depend on various factors, such as the employee’s environment and abilities. In the past, I gave negative ratings to employees who tried but failed. This caused them to become demotivated and stop trying altogether. While I still believe that my evaluations were in line with company policy and not incorrect, I also understand that without evaluating challenges, there can be no innovation. I believe that creating a supportive and encouraging workplace environment, where anyone can challenge themselves without fear, is key to fostering productivity and innovation. Going forward, I aim to focus more on the process rather than just the outcome.

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