English practice / Dinner

I went to the shopping mall to have a dinner.
My town has been declared the state of emagency.
So The shop is closed by 8 pm.
We usualy have a dinner at 9 pm.
But I have to go there 6 pm today.
There are some restaurant in the mall.
We chose Pork cutlet restaurant.
It was very delicious.

English practice / My pet

My pet is toy poodle.She is five years old now.
She likes people very much, so she comes to me and always rides on my lap.I think she isn’t clever ,Because she can’t use the toilet in one place.
But she give us a lot of fun. I hope she live long time and spend good life for her.

English practice / The toilet broke

My toilet has broken about one month ago.
We have two toilets in my house,So it didn’t be serious problem.
First I called my house maker call center which build my house fifteen years ago.I got the estimate to fix the toilet, But price was very high.
so I searched by internet how to fix more cheep.
finally I found the vendor which can replace my toilet.
The price is more cheaper and they replace to new type of toilet.
The new toilet saves water and thus saves water bills.
Yesterday, Replace construction finished and I came back comfortable life.

English practice / My daughter

My daughter is a highschool student.
She joins track and field club and train every day.
I think , she is doing her best,So she got a good results at her race.
But she has one problem.
As she is always tired from club activities,she can’t study well.
I hope , she studies more for her life.


English practice / American TV series

My favorite tv series is the LOST.
It was broadcast from 2004 to 2010.
There are 6 seasons in total.
This drama is about survival life on a mysterious island.
The story begins with a plane crash.
The plane crash landed on an island and some survived the plane crash.
At first, the island seemed uninhabited, but it actually had indigenous peoples.
Then the battle between the survivors and the indigenous people began.


日本語 練習 / ペット


English practice / My specialty

My specialty is IT infrastructure.
IT infrastructure consists server,network,strage and so on.This technical field is very wide so we are requested for wide knowlege.I don’t specialize one thing.My strong point is to have a wide range of technique.


English practice / Smart phone Game

I think Smart phone game should be more ristrict.
Because There are heay charge system in that apps.
if we want to get rare items, we have to pay more money.This charge speed is very fast,I will lost 10thousand yen within 10minutes.This is a level of emagency for nomal peorple.The government have to make a ristrict to save people.