Practicing English / Reasons for not continuing

I can’t continue most things. What I can continue things are learning English and playing smart phone game.What I can’t continue things are exercise and making a blog and reduce my weight and so on.
I considered what these differences are.
I think it is like a investment. Learning English is hard but it give me a big benefit. Playing smart phone game doesn’t need anything effort but I can get a fun promptly.
I think to keep anything ,I have to clarify a benefit and effort.

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  1. Practicing English / the reasons why I can’t continue

    I often have a problem to continue one thing for a long time.
    But I can continue learning English and (enjoy) playing smart phone games.
    (You may get surprised to hear it, but) I can play the same one game (again and again) for few years or more.
    What I can’t continue .. are .. doing exercises, writing a blog and doing a diet etc.
    What is the difference between what I can continue and what I can’t (continue)?
    Learning English is hard but it gives me a big benefit / after a long, hard work.
    while playing smart phone games doesn’t require any effort, and luckily I can get a fun promptly.
    They are not exactly the same things, but two different types of activities:
    the former is taking risks and getting big returns,
    and the latter is taking no risks and getting small returns for sure.
    I think it is important or it is necessary to consider what we can get later by what we do every day. Otherwise we can’t continue doing one new thing even though we like to reach a certain goal.

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