English practice / My son

My son was unlucky day May 5th.
FIRST,aso volcano was unstable yesterday,so
he couldn’t go there.
Instead of volcano,we went to the kusasenri.
But we couldn’t see anything due to heavey smog.
Next,We went to lunch.He hit his head there shelve.
Next,We went to kumamotojo.
But We couldn’t go castle’s inside due to corona viros since April 27.
Also He steped on pet’s poo.


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  1. My son’s unlucky day, May 5th.
    First, we planned to go to Aso volcano. But yesterday, it was unstable so we couldn’t go there.
    Instead of going to the volcano, we went to Kusasenri.
    Unfortunately, we couldn’t see anything there due to heavy smog.
    Next, we went to have lunch but my son accidentally hit his head on a shelf.
    Then, we went to Kumamotojo.
    However, we couldn’t go inside the castle due to Covid-19 restrictions.
    In the end, my son was so unlucky to have stepped his pet’s poo.

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